Renewable energies

From nature To the nature

A source is considered renewable if it is able to provide energy that is constantly regenerated, using chemical or physical changes.In particular – the sun, wind, water, tides, Earth heat are all endless and readily available sources.

PRO.Energy proposes, along with EPC, the planning, construction and maintenance of electrical energy production plants based on the use of renewable energy sources.


We have developed numerous important sites. In the photovoltaic (PV) sector alone, due to incentives and remunerations, many plants, of various sizes with a combined power of 20 MW, have been constructed across the country in the past 3 years.


Small wind turbines and the generation and co-generation from biomass allow the installing of the latest and most valid business models. PRO.Energy offers a wide range of technological and economically viable proposals suitable for any requirement and every type of plant/system.


We design, woody biomass liquid and gaseous, in order to supply fuel engines for the co-generation of electricity and heat


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