Impianti civili ed industriali

Whatever its use and application, be it a private house, a public building, a small community, an industrial site, the electrical and technolgical plant is of fundamental importance.

A well designed and well built plant in the first instance will provide a safe and efficient one in the long run.

PRO.Energy has access to the highest professional service and the best technology available, thanks to our continuous collaboration and formation in the international market place of this specialised sector.

Our long history and ongoing experience in the civil and industrial plant sector places us at the top of this industry for quality of service and completed works.

We have carried out many important domestic and industrial works, also for high-tech internationally linked companies.

In the industrial sector in particular, we have accomplished many electrical and technological plants for companies with complex production processes.


Thanks to

the expertise of a team of

collaborators and experienced professionals, we design and carry out lighting systems for indoor and outdoor use for any type of environment.

The design is performed with the best software available on the market and with the development of 3D modeling and rendering.

We also realize studies of energy efficiency of existing plants, always offering the best technological solutions available on the market.


Thanks to several experiences achieved in the electric industry, Pro.Energy is able to offer services of design, construction and maintenance of electrical related to the transport protection and processing on the medium voltage.

We are also able to offer, operation tests on the relays as regards the MV switchboard, studies of protection systems, and insulation tests for medium voltage.


We design and build  technological systems of all types and sizes, such as data networks for data centers, fire detection systems and intrusion detection, video surveillance systems.

We realize automation and supervision system, SCADA systems, remote control systems and remote control of processes with existing interventions retrofit or new systems realizations based on technical specifications provided by the customers.


Complete the offer of Pro.Energy, activities of construction related of electricity production plants, in civil and industrial sector, design and construction of LV distribution switchboards, Power Center, MCC switchboards, AC / DC switchboards of protection and isolation.

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